Corporate social responsibility (CSR)


This day marks a special day in the world, where women are appreciated the value add they give to families & community. At Nyali capital we have been part of this special day since the year 2015-to date , We passionately Empower Women with business skills and join them during this special celebration.


Our interaction with customers does not stop at quick and efficient services. Since inception we have made it a tradition at Nyali capital to stand with candidates all over Kenya. We send KCSE and KCPE candidates for we believe that our children are the future.


Through our sister company, Ecobiz Sacco Ltd, we have created a platform to help SMEs easily save part of their earnings with the sole objective of providing them with credit facilities. Through Ecobiz Sacco, we encourage a saving culture; and, give advice on prudent management of money as well as viable investment practices.

For more information, please visit ecobizsacco