products we offer

LPO financing

This is the Nyali Capital flag ship product geared towards empowering Women, Youth, Persons With Disability and Contractors at large to meet timely deliveries and contract completion, through financial support. We offer you financing against a local purchase order from any reputable organization to enable you to deliver the goods / services.


  • Affordable.
  • Finance of up to 100% of cost of items to be supplied.
  • Flexible repayment period.
  • 24 hour turnaround time.
  • Maximum period of 90 days depending on the term of the LPO.

Biashara Boost

Many of today’s small business owners use their cash on-hand to reinvest in their day-to-day operations. With a working capital loan from Nyali Capital, you can have extra cash to do even more.

Whether it’s expanding or improving your current business, investing in advertising, or tying-up existing “loose ends” like raw material purchases, office consumables or outstanding debt, the extra cash can be just the solution you need. And Nyali Capital Biashara Boost is quick and easy. You can get as low as Kshs 5,000 within 24 hours.

Asset Financing

At Nyali Capital, we’re backing the brave and that means we will support you to get the assets you need to take the next step with your business.

Whether your business is small or large, we can help you with the finance.

We finance up to 70% of the total value of the asset thus giving you the opportunity to quickly own that asset you have always wanted.

• Competitive interest rates
• Flexible repayment periods
• The opportunity to lay hands on your asset without tying your working capital.

Salary Advance

Whenever unexpected expenses creep into your plans, payday can seem far away. The Salary Advance Loan provides you with funds to handle those unplanned financial obligations.

• 24hrs turnaround
• Hassle free
• Quick access to funds.
• Flexible repayment period of up to 3 months.

Business Permit Loan

Avoid brushes with the law and loss of revenue as a result of expired business permits. Get the Nyali Capital Business permit loan at affordable interest rates payable within a period of 3 months.

Nyali Consumer Loan

Nyali Consumer loan provides a quick and affordable credit for a variety of personal needs.

Now, it is so easy to improve your lifestyle and turn your home into a smart modern one with all the convenience you can image. Be it home electronics, furniture, fitness equipment or a mobile handset, just take a Nyali Consumer Loan and decide what to spend the money on.

You are eligible if you have a steady income

Our consumer loans are payable within a period of 3 months.

Student Mtihani Loan

This is a loan facility for individuals pursuing various courses in educational institutions. It is opportune for examination registration purposes. The loan is payable within a period of 3 months.