Job Purpose:

Supervises a portfolio of 600 individual clients into smaller groups of 5 members,
which in turn are combined to form a large center of 15-30. The primary functions of this job are outreach and promotion of Nyali Capital products client’s assessment and intake, assessment of the loan application from clients, and organization, and supervision of Credit Operations with the groups. The primary involvement of this job is within people and data.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Conducts outreach and promotional activities within Nyali Capital catchment area 
    • Attends meetings organized by the local administration and other stakeholders 
    • Prepare promotional materials 
    • Educate the general community about Nyali Capital products 
  2. To implement a recruitment and Nyali Capital clients intake plan
    • Conducts initial assessment 
    • Trains potential customers by giving information and the Nyali Capital concept products and services rules and regulations 
    • Organize the center to form groups 
    • Training group members and leaders on the roles and responsibilities 
    • Train the center and group members on issues related to: 
        • Conducting center meetings 
        • Maintaining center records 
        • Formulating of center constitution 
        • Assessing loan application and all loan procedures 
        • Acceptable borrowing principals e.g advantages of short repayment periods 
        • Administration and management of member’s mandatory loan guarantee deposit 
        • Assessing for individual member character 
        • Interpreting and operationalizing the product policies and procedures 
  3.  Administer and supervise credit activities 
    • Guide the loan applications on completion of the required documents. 
    • Appraise the loan applicants according to the prescribed criteria 
    • Gives documentation on loan approval. 
    • Conduct business or farming verification visit to determine potentiality on adhoc basis 
    • Handle loan disbursement 
  4. Monitoring the lending process
    • Keep record of the center activities in relation to the loans
    • Disbursement records
    • Monitoring loan repayment
    • Keep up to date performance of each group. 
  5. Work with other members of the Staff of Nyali Capital Attend the office weekly meetings. 
  • Engage in team problems solving and work together on overlapping tasks. 
  • Provide back up support to team members as needed. 


  • Educational level: diploma in Co-operative Management, Diploma in Business Administration, Diploma in Business Management, or any other relevant qualification that management may prefer for the position.
  • Experience in group lending minimum 2 years.

The Person:

  • Person of Integrity
  • Person with boundaries
  • Dynamic/assertive seller or marketer
  • Knowledge of community development
  • Good public and customer relations
  • Knowledge of administration matter
  • Good communication skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Community mobilization ability
  • Ability to give non-formal adult training
  • Leadership skills

Salary scale – Entry Level Kshs 25,000

Send application by 21st March 2024 to