To: Graphic Designer.

Deadline: 20th January, 2023.

In April 2023, Nyali Capital Limited will attain 10 years. Since the foundation of Nyali Capital Limited Company in 2013 the company has undergone thorough changes that are in response to the prevailing Market Environment at any given time. Currently, as we near the 10th Anniversary and thereafter Nyali Capital can be best defined by the following phrases:

  1. Growth- The company has grown in diverse ways; the market scope, the products offered, networks, community engagement, and the general size of the company.
  2. Flexibility- The company is now more flexible in responding to Market needs.
  3. Digital- Nyali Capital Limited is currently in transition to digital products offering and embracing technology in response to our client’s needs more efficiently.
  4. Impact- The company continues to have a significant impact, especially in the contribution to rural opening by financing the construction of rural access roads.
  5. Diversity- The company now embraces diversity in terms of Market Targeting, and stakeholder diversity among others.
  6. Warmth- The company is now warmer than ever before. We are more welcoming to clients, there is warm team energy and a generally warm vibe.
  7. Market target- We focus on financing the Marginalized groups under the AGPO Category-Youths, women, and persons living with disabilities enabling them to tap into the opportunities offered by the procurement policy.

We would like to come up with an anniversary logo that best represents the new Nyali Capital Limited in line with the above-listed features.

Kindly share a quotation for designing three samples of the logo. Kindly share the quotation by Friday 20th January 2023 at the close of business.

Send your quotations to and CC


Nyali Capital Limited.